Call to Provider Action

The following items are requested and suggested as we work to build a cooperative coalition of providers in our efforts to increase our representation and power.

A. I would like to build an email contact list for the provider community. In this effort, I would appreciate your response to my email

In that regard I would appreciate it if you would send me the following information: Name of organization, contact name, email address, phone number(s) organization and direct line, type of organization (profit, non-profit). Please remember I am only one person also trying to run my own business so I do not have the time to follow up mistakes or items left out.

B. Your agency or practice story with Nevada Medicaid. This should be a one page succinct story outlining your perception of the impacts of prior authorizations and the likely impact of the recoupment announcements. Each story I receive will get its own webpage on this site if it is publishable. The story may not contain any expletives, be respectful and professional and must be organized in such a way that you feel comfortable with its appearance as a published document because I will simply cut and paste and not do any real editing for organization or content.  It may contain your company logo and I will make every attempt to include it. Please make sure you include your contact information at the bottom of your page so the Media can contact you about your story. I know how nerve wracking it can be to talk with the media, but we must make our stories visible to the public and the political establishment.

C. I am planning for future conference calls so please ensure I have your email contact information so I may alert you to those calls.